What is Friends in Brazil?

Friends in Brazil (FIB) offers you the opportunity to go out with a local Brazilian friend in Brazil. Such a holiday companion is someone who is ready for you during your vacation, to go out and have fun together. Imagine that you are going to Belem or Fortaleza for the first time and you don't know anyone there? You would like to go out with someone who is adventurous, knows the nice and safe places, and can also help you save on restaurants and shopping. "Get to know the locals with the locals" is therefore our slogan! Certain things can also be arranged for you before you arrive in Brazil!

What does Friends in Brazil offer?

"Friends in Brazil" offers the simple service to tourists of companionship. Our offer is currently concentrated in Belem and Fortaleza. Are you planning to go to Belem or Fortaleza? Then "Friends in Brazil" offers you the opportunity to go out with reliable and fun Brazilians.

Language barrier

Most of the holiday friends speak several languages, and if there is a difference, don't worry because the holiday friend has a translator so that the communication remains loud and clear!

Bruna 27 yrs
  Sue 34 yrs
Bruno 28 yrs