Friends in Brazil!!

Hi, I am 34 years old and I speak different languages such as: English, Spanish and Portuguese (for now).

I am 34-year-old Brazilian woman who was working as a crew member until 2011 and I visited countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany and Montenegro.


Because of my love for travel, I decided to work with Cultural Tourism and Urban Mobility to show the tourists how wonderful our country is.

I am passionate about Sports, Games, Music, Symbols, Science, Languages, Misticism, Art and Design.

Now I try  to encourage people to discover how fulfilling it can be to explore others cultures, live different life styles, go deep into nature, trying regional foods, and even practicing sustainability with permaculture or spirituality with yoga.

My code is # 0178, so if you want to book me as a friend, click here. 

Friend in Fortaleza

Sue code # 0178

USD 10,00 - USD 20,00

Hi, I am Julio and my hobbies are reading books, going to the movies and travelling.

I love going out with family and friends so having me as a vacation friend will be very much fun for you because I know a lot of good restaurants and fun places to go. 

I also love practicing foreign languages.

I speak the following languages: Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.

My code is #0179, so If you would like to book me as a friend, click here.

Friend in Fortaleza

Juliano code # 0179

USD 20,00

Hi, I am 27 years old and if you like to go shopping for clothes in the right clothing stores or malls, I can show the best spots in Belem. 

if you like great food I can also accompany you to the fine restaurants in Belem where you can enjoy the best dishes at affordable prices.

Going out to parks, and other places to relax is something that is easily fun to do in Belem. 

My code # is 0180 and to book me, click here.

Friend in Belem

Bruna code # 0180

USD 10,00 - USD 20,00

Hi, I am 28 years old and I love a healthy lifestyle. Keeping in shape is a very important aspect of life, so if you like going to the gym, i am the right friend to do this with In Brazil. 

I also like video games, going very often to the movies, shopping, bars en beaches. 

When you decide to come to Belem, I am your go to "fun guy"", because we can visit a lot of fun places.

My code # is 0181 and to book me, click here.

Friend in Belem

Bruno code # 0181

USD 10,00 - USD 20,00